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Your unwanted items could make all the difference to the Brentwood Catholic Children's Society.

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Being a Special Friend and choosing to donate regularly is one of the most vital ways you can support us.

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A partnership with the Brentwood Catholic Children's Society will enhance and promote your business.

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You can help support our work by donating online, via the post or via your pay.

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About bccs

At bccs we believe that every child should be loved and supported. However, some children experience great hardship and suffering - from bereavement to bullying, from anxiety to abuse. bccs provides counselling for children and young adults whose wellbeing, and mental and emotional health, could be at risk.

bccs cares for over 1,600 new children each year and will be caring for around 3,500 at any one time. bccs employs only qualified and dedicated Social Workers and Counsellors to care for these children, which enables us to handle almost any problem that might arise without delay. We work in partnership with over 100 schools and provide our service on site at school. Our unique approach is to intervene as soon as problems are identified and work with the children for as long as it takes to put things right.

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Read Megan's Journey

Read Megan's Journey and those of other children you make it possible for us to help.

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